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The Coronavirus pandemic has turned lives upside down and made it difficult for people to get to the grocery store, pick up prescriptions, and socialize in a safe manner. In response, mutual aid groups have popped up around the country to support those in need.

Mutual aid groups are informal groups of volunteers that band together to find effective ways to support those people most in need who live in their local community. Mutual aid can include picking up groceries, providing financial assistance, or lending emotional support to your neighbors.

To receive help:

  1. Find a mutual aid group in your area using the map below.
  2. Go to group’s page.
  3. Reach out to that group directly.

We have collected these mutual aid groups as a public resource. Because these groups are formed in local communities, we cannot verify or vouch for any group or individual offerings. Please exercise all necessary judgment when interacting with community members not previously known to you. See this guide for tips on staying safe. And check out our guide to keeping sensitive information safe while using mutual aid groups.

AARP Fraud Watch Network:
The groups listed on the AARP Community Connections web site are not reviewed or approved by AARP. If you believe that any of these groups may be fraudulent, please contact AARP’s toll-free Fraud Helpline on 877-908-3360.

We extend our thanks to Town Hall Project who have helped provide data on mutual aid groups across the United States.

If you would like to remove your group’s listing, send an email to AARPCommunityConnections@aarp.org.

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