How to start a mutual aid group

Mutual aid is a rapidly growing movement. The tools and guidance shared here have been collected from a variety of sources. We will continue to update them as necessary.

1. Check for a mutual aid group in your area

If you haven’t already, check to see if there’s a community group near you by searching here.

2. Think about how big of an area you want to cover

Smaller mutual aid groups are often more effective than larger ones. Creating a group that focuses on your apartment building, block, or small neighborhood could mean better support for those neighbors in need.

3. Create your mutual aid group

There’s no right way to create a mutual aid group. There are many free tools and tech resources available to help you coordinate with other members in your community to offer support for your neighbors in need. Below are guides and resources to help you get started.

Please follow the CDC’s safety guidelines when working with your mutual aid group. 

Choose the platform that works best for your community:

4. Get the word out about your mutual aid group

Below are several templates that we have sourced from other communities that you can use to reach out to your neighbors to gather what their needs are and to sign up volunteers to help fulfill these needs.

5. Share your mutual aid group with us

Register your mutual aid group with us and we’ll add it to our growing list.

Have a resource that helps people start or manage mutual aid groups?